Dear exhibitors



Despite the application of modern  ways of communication and presentation, carefully prepared fair participation remains a key way of presenting quality goods and services in more sophisticated market competition.


Meetings at the fairground can reinforce and improve old business relationships and  establish new ones.

Then, through direct contact, quality and the ability of the leading company representatives, their qualification and kindness  will  become a key moment of decision.


Well designed and built  exhibition space will be in this situation firm support that complements the overall impression and emphasizes your aspirations and visions. Therefore MULTI FORMA with its huge experience, tendency of continuous progress and the desire to give you more is the right choice for you.


We have German top quality  "Octanorm" and "Meroform" stand construction  material,  high-quality wall elements in wooden or aluminium decors, illuminated plexi signs, halogen and HQI lighting, furniture, plasma screens and other supporting equipment.


We are specialized in unique custom built stands and storey structures.


Stands are created and produced by our own team, which provides flexibility and consistency in project realisation.


Please contact us with confidence!



With respect  ...  Multi Forma team